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  • 2.17.17 2020-11-10

    New FeatureAdded “Include Schema Names” in Database Match module
  • 2.17.16 - 2020-10-28

    Bug FixCase insensitive matching not working in Replace Text when whole word selected
  • 2.17.15 - 2020-10-27

    New FeatureAdded new “Missing Input Action” property to modules
  • 2.17.14 - 2020-10-19

    Bug FixEnsure Pivot aggregate columns respect input column data type
    New FeatureAdded OutputExists function
  • 2.17.13 - 2020-10-06

    New FeatureAdded SortDelimitedValues function
    New FeatureAdded CellValueRelative function
  • 2.17.12 - 2020-09-23

    New FeatureIncluded 5.5.3 Askia API Dll in Deployment
  • 2.17.8 - 2020-08-11

    Bug FixDelimited File Source reading comma separated values as Decimal
  • 2.17.7 - 2020-06-24

    New FeatureExecute SetVariable module before validation phase
    Bug FixSelect Askia Surf waves by ordinal, not Id
    New FeatureAllow SUM function to handle null/empty values
  • 2.17.5 - 2020-06-04

    New FeatureAdded DateFormattingPattern option to Excel Target module
  • 2.17.2 - 2020-04-21

    Bug FixSplit Module: Multiple splits are incorrectly mutually exclusive
  • 2.17.1 - 2020-02-09

    New FeatureAdded “Expand Columns” Output Tweak
  • 2.16.2 - 2019-12-05

    New FeatureAdded sorttype and sortorder parameters to FindFile
  • 2.16.1 - 2019-11-26

    New FeatureAdded “Move File” Module  Read more
  • 2.15.36 - 2019-10-14

    New FeatureAdded “Multiple Files” Output Type in CSV Target module
    New FeatureAdded “Split Expression” functionality to Split module
  • 2.15.35 - 2019-10-01

    Bug FixUnzip PreProcessing Module – Run On Open setting not working
  • 2.15.31 - 2019-07-18

    New FeatureAdded support for Workgroup files in Access DB Data Connection
  • 2.15.26 - 2019-06-26

    New FeatureAdded Missing Field Action to CSV datasource
  • 2.15.23 - 2019-06-07

    Bug FixInitial positioning of modules under drag & drop when using dual monitors
    New FeatureAdded “Shortcut and Loop Number” column naming type to Askia Interview Data module
    New FeatureAdded dynamic “N” parameter to Flag function  Read more
  • 2.15.22 - 2019-06-02

    Bug FixIncluded updated Askia API dll
  • 2.15.20 - 2019-04-02

    Bug FixExpression editor not working in Mail Merge module
  • 2.15.19 - 2019-04-01

    New FeatureUpdated to .net Framework 4.6.1
  • 2.15.18 - 2019-03-30

    New FeatureImproved module load failure logging
  • 2.15.16 - 2019-03-07

    New FeatureAdded additional details to error message from Askia API
  • 2.15.15 - 2019-03-06

    Bug FixKeyword not supported: ‘provider’ error when using SQL Native Client provider
  • 2.15.13 - 2019-02-28

    Bug FixAllow license to be shared between users on a single computer
    Bug FixEnsure DB driver setting is passed to Askia API
  • 2.15.12 - 2019-01-09

    New FeatureEnable Tls1.2 by default in Askia SQL Connection
    Bug FixQuery module fails when using Askia SQL Server connection
  • 2.15.11 - 2018-01-04

    Bug FixError listing surveys in Askia Interview Data when using SQLNCLI11 provider
  • 2.15.10 - 2018-01-04

    New FeatureAdded support for SQLNCLI11 DB Provider in Askia Data Connection
  • 2.15.9 - 2018-11-26

    New FeatureAdded FindFile Function  Read more
    New FeatureAdded RichTextToPlainText Function  Read more
  • 2.15.7 - 2018-08-01

    Bug FixRemoved redundant call to GetIdsInLevel() in AskiaApi initialise
    Bug FixText Analytics module incorrectly returning results when multiple columns selected
  • 2.15.6 - 2018-07-18

    Bug FixSend Email Post Processing fails with more than 1 attachment
    Bug FixSelf-referencing expressions cause Package Compilation failure
  • 2.15.5 - 2018-06-12

    New FeatureRecalculate formulas after exporting to Excel template
  • 2.15.4 - 2018-05-15

    Bug FixText Analytics – Batch Processing
  • 2.15.3 - 2018-04-24

    Bug FixAdditional error handling on Derived Columns configure start
  • 2.15.2 - 2018-04-13

    New FeatureAdded Multicoded Data option to Codeit Data Target
  • 2.15.1 - 2018-03-28

    Bug FixFixed wave selection in Codeit data source
  • 2.15.0 - 2018-03-22

    New FeatureAdded “Text Analytics” module
  • 2.14.5 - 2018-03-12

    New FeatureAdded “Match filename pattern” to Download File pre-processing module
    Bug FixExcel Template “Configure” button disabled
    Bug FixAskia Interview Data returning strange results
  • 2.14.4 - 2018-02-19

    Bug FixExcel Module Revert to template cell formatting when writing to template
    New FeatureSummary Rows Module
  • 2.14.3 - 2018-01-19

    Bug FixAskia Survey Data not returning data for questions with sibling looped chapter
  • 2.14.2 - 2018-01-15

    Bug FixRows to Columns custom columns not transposing properly
  • 2.14.1 - 2018-01-10

    New FeatureRows to Columns – Custom Expression Expanded Column Naming Type
  • 2.14.0 - 2017-12-22

    Moved iCalendar data target out of Beta
  • 2.13.0 - 2017-12-21

    Bug FixSav datasource module can’t read DateTime variable data type
    New FeatureAdded Codeit datasource module
  • 2.12.8 - 2017-12-20

    New FeatureAdded “Text to Columns” output tweak
    New FeatureAdded LookupList function  Read more
  • 2.12.7 - 2017-12-19

    Bug FixOutput Tweak Settings ‘Shared’ Between Modules
  • 2.12.6 - 2017-12-05

    Bug FixSuppress Column Depends check for missing columns
  • 2.12.5 - 2017-12-01

    New FeatureAdded Char Function  Read more
    New FeatureAllow DynamicExpressions in Replace Text (manual) Find Text and Replace Text
  • 2.12.4 - 2017-11-30

    New FeatureSource Column Output “Exceptions” in Derived Columns
  • 2.12.3 - 2017-11-20

    Bug FixReplace Text – fails to replace when ListReplaceTextColumn is null
  • 2.12.2 - 2017-11-17

    New FeatureAdded ColumnContains function
  • 2.12.1 - 2017-11-15

    Bug FixOutput Tweaks – Deserialised Index = 0
    Bug FixColumn Checks – Blank Output Name
    Bug FixMapped Combine – Additional Columns Case Sensitive
    New FeatureAdded Transpose Module
  • 2.11.2 - 2017-11-07

    Bug FixAdding/editing Column Checks causes an error
  • 2.11.1 - 2017-10-30

    New FeatureApply “Replace Text” to column headers
    Bug FixSort module reorders items on re-edit
    New FeatureAdded “Column Check” module
    New FeatureAllow columns in Mapped Combine to be reordered
    New FeatureAdded “ContainsList” function
    New FeatureMapped Combine Missing/Additional column checks
    New FeatureAdded support for TinyInt/Byte data type in SQL Data Connector
    New FeatureDelete selected module by pressing Delete key
    New FeatureImproved Codeit Data Target
  • 2.10.1 - 2017-09-20

    New FeatureAdded Execute Query pre/post processing modules
  • 2.9.17 - 2017-09-20

    Bug FixEdit connections fails when app.config missing
    New FeatureAdded “ignoremissingcolumns” parameter to ColumnValue function  Read more
  • 2.9.16 - 2017-09-19

    New FeatureImproved format type detection in Codeit data target
  • 2.9.15 - 2017-09-15

    Bug FixColumn type checking in Codeit Target module
    New FeatureAdded ColumnValue function
  • 2.9.14 - 2017-08-07

    Bug FixSend Email – Dispose of attachments after sending
    New FeatureCodeit Target – Clear Mapping
    New FeatureImport Default Connections
  • 2.9.13 - 2017-07-31

    New FeatureAdded Modules Filter to Email Execution Report
  • 2.9.12 - 2017-06-27

    Bug FixMinor UI Bug Fixes – Codeit Data Target
  • 2.9.11 - 2107-06-26

    New FeatureLog unhandled exceptions on startup
    New FeatureUpdated Codeit Target Module
  • 2.9.10 - 2017-06-07

    New FeatureNew splash screen
    Bug FixOutput tweaks – wrapped modules not properly cloned
    Bug FixJoin module – Error on configure
    Bug FixAskia Interview Data – Error on open question imported from Lister field
  • 2.9.8 - 2017-05-15

    Bug FixLoadit32 failing due to obfuscated entry point in Loadit.exe
    Bug FixChanged NoAskiaConnections prompt to refer to View menu
    Bug FixFixed dropdown binding errors in Askia Interview Data data source
  • 2.9.7 - 2018-05-12

    Bug FixAdd column dialog data type dropdown not displaying correctly
  • 2.9.6 - 2017-05-10

    Bug FixDuplicate items created when creating new variables
    Bug FixDelimited file including Text qualifier in output
  • 2.9.4 - 2017-03-23

    New FeatureAdded “Connect using SSL” setting to SMTP email provider
  • 2.9.3 - 2017-01-30

    New FeatureAskia Interview Data – Allow wave selection by index
    Bug FixError in split module when no records output
  • 2.9.2 - 2017-01-25

    New FeatureAskia Interview Data: Allow selection by wave for Surf files
    New FeatureAskia Interview Data: Added filter script verify
    New FeatureAskia Interview Data: Include “not visible in analyse” questions by default
    Bug FixExecute non-loaded source modules when refreshing in Design mode
  • 2.9.1 - 2017-01-20

    New FeatureAskia Interview Data – Use Design Subset Size Setting
  • 2.9.0 - 2017-01-16

    New FeatureCodeit Data Target
    New FeatureConvert Date Values to Askia Interview Data
    New FeatureLooped Item Labelling option to Askia Interview Data
    New FeatureMulticode Format option to Askia Interview Data
    New FeatureGrouping expression to Flag function
    New FeatureExcel Template Mapping
    New FeatureReplace Text Output Tweak
    New FeatureRandomise Output Tweak
    New FeatureColumns to Rows Output Tweak
    New FeatureSort Output Tweak
    New FeatureFilter Output Tweak
    New FeatureAdjust Columns Output Tweak
    New FeatureGhosting mechanism
    New FeatureOutput Tweaks Mechanism
    New FeatureLogging Mechanism
    New FeatureRedactColumn Function
    New FeatureCurrentColumnName Function
    New FeatureCurrentOutputName Function
  • 2.8.55 - 2016-09-23

    New FeatureAllow Null <> Null comparisons to return false
  • 2.8.54 - 2016-09-14

    Bug FixInclude cell names when exporting to Excel target
  • 2.8.53 - 2016-09-12

    Bug FixReplace Text UI reverts back to “Match anywhere in Text”
  • 2.8.52 - 2016-09-02

    New FeatureExcel Data Source – Added “Limit rows” option
    New FeatureExcel Data Source – Added “Read headers only” option
  • 2.8.51 - 2016-07-08

    Bug FixReplace Text module output has blank name
  • 2.8.50 - 2016-06-13

    Bug FixModule dependencies detection for multiple inputs
  • 2.8.49 - 2016-05-16

    Bug FixFix for ragged selections in Columns to Rows
  • 2.8.48 - 2016-04-06

    Bug FixMake “mode” parameter optional in Round() function
    Bug FixPerform case insensitive search when looking for module dependencies
  • 2.8.47 - 2016-04-05

    Bug FixHandle non-string columns in Replace Text
    New FeatureAdded “Change All” bulk action to Askia Survey Data Module
    Bug FixLooped question return type lost in Askia Survey Data
    New FeatureAdded “Run From Here” menu option
    New FeatureAdded expression module dependency detection
  • 2.8.46 - 2016-02-23

    New FeatureUpdated IsValidEmailAddress function
    New FeatureUpdated CleanUKTelephoneNumber function
    Bug FixBoolean/Decimal Variables Serialised as String
  • 2.8.45 - 2016-02-22

    Bug FixReturn Type getting lost in Askia Survey Data
  • 2.8.44 - 2016-02-18

    New FeatureHandle numerics with preceding zero in Delimited File module
  • 2.8.43 - 2016-02-17

    Bug FixHandle decimal values properly in Pivot module
  • 2.8.42 - 2016-02-16

    Bug FixDeduplicate – Split Bug
  • 2.8.41 - 2016-02-11

    New FeaturePrevent duplicate column names in Excel data source
    New FeatureAdded “Subset” filter to Deduplicate module
  • 2.8.40 - 206-02-04

    Bug FixCheck Inverted Data option not repopulated on edit
  • 2.8.39 - 2016-01-20

    New FeatureAdded new parameters to Weekday function  Read more
    New FeatureAdded CleanEmailAddress function  Read more
    New FeatureAdded “Check Inverted” setting to Askia Interview Data  Read more
    New FeatureAdded config settings  Read more
  • 2.8.38 - 2015-01-12

    New FeatureDefault to trial mode if license fails
  • 2.8.37 - 2015-12-15

    New FeatureAdded PackageExecuteResult flag to PackageExecutionFinished event
  • 2.8.36 - 2015-10-15

    New FeatureAdded Multi-Column Match Method to Deduplicate module
  • 2.8.35 - 2015-10-06

    New FeaturePassword/Pwd identifier in SQL Data Connection  Read more
    New FeatureQuery Data Source Module – Cache Results
    New FeatureVariable Constraints Mechanism – File Path Variables  Read more
    New Feature“Module Output” source added to Replace Text  Read more
  • 2.8.34 - 2015-08-12

    New FeatureAdded “Insert if not exists” option to Database target module
  • 2.8.33 - 2015-07-17

    Bug FixRND() seeding issue  Read more
    New FeatureAdded N% option to Flag Function  Read more
    New FeatureAdded new RandomString Function  Read more
  • 2.8.32 - 2015-06-17

    New FeatureApply “Snap To Grid” when adding new modules
    Bug Fix“Connection not closed” error in Askia Lists Data Target
  • 2.8.31 - 2015-06-05

    Bug FixSuppress error when Askia Interview Data returns unrecognised response code
  • 2.8.30 - 2015-06-04

    New FeatureAdded “Skip rows at end” to CSV data source module
    Bug FixCSV source module raising an error on execute
  • 2.8.29 - 2015-05-29

    Bug FixDouble-clicking .lip file in Windows Explorer does not open package
    New FeatureAdded power (^) operator
  • 2.8.28 - 2015-05-20

    Bug FixWeekday function returning enum rather than int
  • 2.8.27 - 2015-05-18

    New FeatureAdded Grid Layout To Loadit Package Designer
    Bug FixSave as…not saving .lip file
  • 2.8.26 - 2015-05-06

    New FeatureAdded “Seconds” to list of units in DateDiff function
    New FeatureAdded WeekdayText function
    New FeatureAdded Weekday function
  • 2.8.25 - 2015-05-05

    Bug FixAliased columns not available from internal join in Join module
    Bug FixFail to parse single quote in function parameter
  • 2.8.24 - 2015-04-27

    New FeatureAdded CumulativeTotal Function
    Bug FixSQL Database Connection Error
  • 2.8.23 - 2015-04-23

    New FeatureAllow password in MS Access Data Connection
    New FeatureAllow Loadit Expression in Askia Filter Script
    Bug Fix32-bit Loadit fails to run
    New FeatureAdded Type Conversion Functions (Text, Decimal, Number etc…)
    New FeatureAdded Date Functions (Year, Month, Day etc…)
  • 2.8.22 - 2015-03-08

    Bug FixBackwards compatability bug fix in Askia Interview Data module
  • 2.8.21 - 2015-03-02

    New FeatureInclude schemas in DBLookup function
    New FeatureAdded custom delimiter option to VLookup
    New FeatureAdded multiple variable selector to Set Variable module
    New FeatureAdded “First Row Contains Headers” option to CSV and Delimited file source
    Bug FixRemoved Splash Screen in command line mode
    New FeatureAdded RemoveNonNumerics function
  • v2.8.20 - 2015-02-05

    New FeatureAdded IP Address, Longitude and Latitude to Askia Interview Data
    Bug FixDeduplicate “exclude randomly” not properly random
  • v2.8.19 - 2015-01-14

    Bug FixDelimited file data source prioritises Decimal data type over Date
    New FeatureAdded “Load Data Only” option to Excel target template
    New FeatureAdded “Output Column Headers” option to csv file target
    New FeatureAdded “Output Column Headers” option to Excel file target
  • v2.8.18 - 2015-01-12

    New FeatureAdded “Output Column Headers” option to delimited file target
  • v2.8.16 - 2014-12-09

    Bug FixExcel data source output alias not backwards compatible
  • v2.8.15 - 2014-11-27

    New FeatureSelect default language by default in Askia Interview Data
    Bug FixMulticoded selections not saved in Askia Survey Data
    Bug FixPivot “Total” column should be numeric
    New FeatureAdded “Prompt for Name After Adding” designer setting
    Bug FixDon’t output headers when appending to CSV file
  • v2.8.14 - 2014-11-19

    New FeatureAdded “Load Directory Files” option to Set Variable module
    Bug FixRe-evaluate output path in delimited file on execute
    Bug FixOutput path missing when configuring Excel data target
  • v2.8.13 - 2014-11-17

    New FeatureAdded “Output All Columns” option to Join Module
    New FeatureAdded support for Askia “Single Table” storage
    Bug FixAdding Excel module causes error
  • v2.8.12 - 2014-11-10

    New FeatureRemove horizontal ellipsis in CleanUKTelephoneNumber function
    New FeatureAllow output alias on Excel data source
    Bug FixDelimited file target – Error overwriting existing files on mapped drive
  • v2.8.11 - 2014-11-07

    New FeatureAdded “Column Naming Delimiter” to TabsML data source
  • v2.8.10 - 2014-11-03

    Bug Fix“Ignore Blanks” deduplicate option only working on nulls
  • v2.8.9 - 2014-10-27

    New FeatureAdded “Default Question Return Type” to Askia Interview Data module
    Bug FixMultiple datasources available when SourceRule set to exactly 2
  • v2.8.8 - 2014-10-27

    New FeatureAdded “Copy To Clipboard” button on standard exception page.
    New FeatureAdded support for Dynamic Expressions in Qes path in Askia Survey Data / Hole Counts
  • v2.8.7

    Bug FixMissing CSV assembly in install
  • v2.8.6

    New FeatureAdded new “Unassigned” output option to Split module  Read more
    New FeatureAllow DynamicExpressions in DBMatch filters
    New FeatureAdded Rows To Columns module  Read more
    New FeatureAdded faster data loading in CSV data source module
  • v2.8.5

    New FeatureAdditional error reporting in Askia Interview Data module
  • v2.8.4

    Bug FixFixed issues with SQL Authentication in Askia SQL Connection
  • v2.8.3

    New FeatureAdded more detailed error reporting in Askia Hole Count module
    Bug Fix“Save As” error
    New FeatureAdded “ignore blanks” option in deduplicate module
    Bug FixStop modules shifting position when scrolling active
    New FeatureAllow xlsm file extensions in Excel data source module
    New FeatureOrder surveys by survey id in Askia Interview Data / Askia Hole Counts
    Bug FixDefault entry code used if not defined in Askia Interview Data
  • v2.8.2

    New FeatureAdded filter to Askia Hole Count module
    Bug FixQuestions not properly selected by chapter in Askia Hole Count
    Bug FixError occurs when deleting columns in derived columns
    Bug FixError occurs in Askia Hole Count when selecting the root node in questions tree.