About Loadit

Loadit is designed to make fiddly, repetitive data handling tasks a thing of the past.

For example, suppose each week your supplier sends you an Excel workbook with their current products, stock levels and prices. Each week, someone in your accounts department takes this workbook and does a whole bunch of reformatting before it can be loaded into your system.
They might relabel categories, split the data by product range, convert the prices into different currencies and so on…

Each week, a skilled person in your accounts department is wasting time doing a repetitive, boring task that adds no value at all.

What happens when that person leaves the company? What happens if they make a mistake? There is no repeatability, no transparency and the whole process is unauditable.

This is messy, dirty and risky stuff.

Loadit takes a different approach – it’s designed to allow your users to automate these fiddly, repetitive tasks. Using Loadit you can define a series of data processing actions that can be repeated at any time, at the push of a button.

Loadit was created with three fundamental design principles in mind:

  • Simple
    Loadit is simple to use, learn and maintain – you will be building useful, powerful and maintainable automation workflows in minutes.
    The key to this is the intuitive drag and drop user interface that allows you to build up a series of steps quickly and easily.
    The learning curve is very shallow, so training staff to use Loadit is a breeze.
  • Transparent
    The steps you define in Loadit are saved as a single Loadit Package. These packages are visual and self explanatory so anyone else picking up your work can easily understand the steps involved. This is considerably more transparent than alternative methods (e.g. manual processing, VBA Macros, custom software).
  • Extensible
    Loadit has been designed from the ground up with extensibility in mind. It is therefore very simple to develop your own extensions to the software that cater for bespoke requirements you may have.