When you’re using Loadit, you may find yourself adding a module just to perform a simple transformation.
For example, sorting data, filtering records or adding a single derived column.
It may seem wasteful to take up space in your package on trivial stuff like this.

To address this, we added the “Output Tweaks” mechanism to Loadit.
An output tweak allows you to make small changes to the output of a module without the need for an additional transformation as well.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have a csv data source module and you want its output to be sorted by, say, first name.
To achieve this, you’d follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the module and select “Output Tweaks”

    Output Tweaks Context Menu

  2. Specify what kind of tweak you want:
  3. Output Tweak Selection

  4. Specify which outputs to apply it to:
  5. Output Tweak Target

  6. Specify the steps to perform (in this case sort the data by first name):

    Output Tweak Steps

  7. Once that is done and the module runs, the output data will be sorted as intended:

    Output Tweak Output

    As the output tweak is tucked away inside the module, it may not be obvious to other people that it is there.
    So, to help make this clearer, an icon appears on the module when output tweaks are in operation:

    Output Tweak Icon

    There are 8 types of Output Tweak available within Loadit:

    Output Tweak Description
    Adjust Columns Provides access to the features of the Adjust Columns module
    Columns to Rows Provides access to the features of the Columns to Rows module
    Filter Allows you to filter records using an expression
    Overwrite Fields Allows you to overwrite the values in specified column(s) using an expression
    Randomise Allows you to randomly reorder the output records
    Rename Output Allows you to change the names of the the outputs from a module
    Replace Text Provides access to the features of the Replace Text module
    Sort Provides access to the features of the Sort module