Loadit has been designed specifically with extensibility in mind. Developers familiar with .net programming should easily be able to customise the software in the following key ways:

1. Custom Modules

Modules make up the ‘building blocks’ of Loadit. By following a simple programming interface you can easily develop your own building blocks to provide any functionality or logic you like.

Whether it’s an unusual data source format, complex business rules or a customised data target, Loadit makes it simple to develop components that encapsulate this functionality.

For more details, see our video Creating a custom module or download our developer SDK.

2. Custom Functions

Functions are available for use throughout Loadit and allow users to manipulate data through powerful expressions. Although Loadit ships with a vast array of in-built functions we recognise that there will be special situations where custom functions will be useful.

Because of this we have made it a breeze for developers to create their own functions and integrate them into Loadit.

For more details, see our video Creating a custom function or download our developer SDK.

3. Custom Add-Ins

If you want to enhance the functionality of an existing Loadit module, then this can be achieved simply by developing an add-in.

For more details, see our video Creating an add-in or download our developer SDK.

If you get stuck, our support service is available to assist you. If you get really stuck, we can offer consultancy and development services to assist you further.