• We were looking for a straightforward and robust tool to import survey data into our reporting system. Loadit enabled us to achieve that with minimal fuss and development time, and it’s gone from strength to strength ever since.

    We have found the extensibility of Loadit especially useful, and our internal teams have used this facility to create an array of bespoke modules and functions.
    Loadit has made our processes clean, transparent and maintainable and truly delivers ROI against the man-hours we have saved.

    We get excellent technical support from TBL, with regular software updates as our requirements have expanded and grown.

    Jon Eastwood, CTO
  • We used Loadit to automatically synchronise data between two third party recruitment applications.

    The learning curve was almost non-existent, even with modest technical skills. It took me a matter of minutes to set up and Loadit has reliably “glued” my systems together perfectly ever since.

    The support I received along the way was excellent and I would have no hesitation recommending the software.

    Chris, Midlands based Engineering Recruitment Firm
  • We have been using Loadit for a number of years now and it is an established piece of software for our Data Processing department. Primarily it is used for automating sample processing, where we have found that daily, weekly or monthly sample feeds can be managed entirely within Loadit.

    This saves us time, increases accuracy (less chance of human errors creeping in) and means tasks can be picked up by another member of the team and run exactly as they always have been.

    Loadit support has always been quick to help us when we have got stuck with something and have worked with us to develop new features in the software.

    For example, we now also use Loadit to send out emails to using the email mail merge feature, the way this process is now setup means it runs quickly, and is clean, transparent and easy to maintain.

    Adrian Golder-Hayes, Senior Spec Writer
  • Loadit has saved us huge amounts of time and effort by automating our sample processing. Fiddly manual tasks that used to take hours can now be done at the push of a button

    TBL Systems helped us get started initially and their expertise and help was invaluable.

    James Clutterbuck, Managing Director
  • Loadit is a brilliant piece of software. It makes sophisticated automation simple, easy and transparent.

    It saves us huge amounts of time and reduces the chance of errors as we’re no longer manually formatting sample data.

    Also, it reduces the dependency on individuals as, once the Loadit file is set up, anyone in the office (in theory) could process the sample with minimal knowledge of the project.

    It makes my life a lot easier and I can’t imagine where we’d be without it now!

    Steven Burton, Senior Script Writer