Limiting records on startup

Recently, one of our Loadit users asked:

“Is any setting I can change that will stop the Loadit from reading all records in a datasource when I open it up?”

Most of the time when you’re working in Loadit, you don’t need to work with ALL records from each datasource.
For the purpose of editing and configuring your package, it is enough just to work with a subset of records.

To enable this feature in Loadit you make use of the “Design Subset” setting.

If you right-click a module and view it’s properties, you’ll see the setting in the top right:


If you set this to, say, 100 records, then Loadit will only load the first 100 records when it opens up:


Note: This only affects the number of records loaded while you’re working in “Design Mode”.
When you actually Execute the Package Loadit will read in all records.

As an aside, if you go to Tools | Options, there’s a setting in there that allows you to switch on the Design Subset as a default.
With this switched on, all future modules you add in Loadit will take on the Design Subset setting that you specify: