Handling Optional Files

If you have a datasource that references a file, by default, Loadit will raise an error if you run your package and that file doesn’t exist.
Most of the time this is the behaviour you want – missing files are usually a sign something is wrong.

However, what if your package references a file that is optional? If the file exists then you want Loadit to process it, if it doesn’t then you want Loadit to continue regardless without error.

One way to achieve this behaviour is to utilise the “Failure Action” property as follows:

1. Select the data source that you’d like to make optional

2. View the properties for the data source and set the “Failure Action” property to “Ignore Failure”

3. When you run the package, if the source file is missing, the package will continue regardless.

To try this for yourself, download this attachment and unzip into “C:\Temp\”