Version 2.5.1 Released

Loadit Version 2.5.1 – Released: 9th April 2014

There are two new modules in this version, as follows:

  1. Pre Processing – Run Application
    This module allows you to execute an external application before your package runs.
    As an example, you can use this module to decrypt a file using PGP:


    With this new addition, it is now possible to download a file, decrypt it and unzip it all in one go

  2. Pre Processing – Run Process
    This module is similar to “Run Application” above, but is more like running a process from the command line, so gives you a greater degree of power. 

    You can use Loadit expressions to pass parameters into the process giving you a huge amount of flexibility.

    As an example, the following screenshot shows the “Run Process” module being used to delete interviews via Askia Tools.


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